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Manual Treadmill 3in1
Product Code: LT 202

  • Beautiful dash board with electronic meter having functions of scan, speed, distance, calories, time.
  • Provision of two different levels easily adjustable, which helps to walk or jog on same machine.


  • The product features a manual treadmill, twister and push up bar
  • Foldable, portable and non motorised treadmill
  • The base of the treadmill is made up of heavy duty steel frame
  • Wide and long surface area makes it ideal for walking and running
  • Users can variate between 2 different inclination levels to toughen up their workout to burn more calories
  • NBR rubber coated sweat proof handles with high density foam
  • Product allows smooth performance of full body cardiovascular workout allowing the user to target all muscle groups
  • LCD monitor displays speed, time, distance, scan and calories burned
  • Twister and push up bar helps to slim thighs, waist, hips, and strengthen core muscles
  • Twister individually also helps in fatigue removal and body shaping
  • Wheels for easy movement and storage