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How home gyms are changing the way people exercise

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every sphere of our life, including the way we exercise. Even though gyms have opened up, doubts and fears linger in one’s mind regarding sanitation and safety. With restrictions imposed, home gyms have gained popularity and come to the rescue of enthusiasts. They have changed the way people exercise due […]

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Why 30 minutes on a treadmill everyday means a fitter you

Staying fit and active is essential for a number of reasons besides maintaining your weight. After the year we all have had, many are still struggling to get back to the fitness levels they had before the lockdown. A very easy solution to this problem is—treadmill. A boon to mankind, it provides the much needed […]

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Elliptical vs Spin Bikes for Weight Loss

That’s a big question of the day – Elliptical Vs Spin bikes – which one wins the race? The choice is different and we would have to look through different criterions to answer the question well. There are a couple of questions to which to get answers before reaching out to any conclusion. What are […]

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Best Way To Burn Fat On Treadmill

Now, it’s turn to be more specific with your treadmill after you’ve mastered how to run on the treadmill – achieving certain goals… for many it could be loose belly fat. Treadmills are a natural choice for all fitness levels. Whether you are a naive looking to build on cardio endurance or a fitness freak […]

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