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Best Way To Burn Fat On Treadmill

Now, it’s turn to be more specific with your treadmill after you’ve mastered how to run on the treadmill – achieving certain goals… for many it could be loose belly fat. Treadmills are a natural choice for all fitness levels. Whether you are a naive looking to build on cardio endurance or a fitness freak who wants to take his or her fitness levels to a new high, nothing can beat the efficacy of treadmill.

Well, while trying to achieve fat loss, along with exercise, diet also plays an important role. But today, we are focusing more on the exercise part and how treadmills by Lifeline Fitness help you realize your fat loss goals.

Fat loss has mostly been restricted to strict diet plan wherein people look for immediate results and they are merely looking for a number on the scale. Some might be able to reduce fat, but little do they notice that it is actually the muscle fat being lost and the body fat remains as such. We therefore, have to find better ways to burn the body fat rather than burning out the muscle.

Let us try to look at how by simply incorporating the treadmill into your fat loss program you can create a strength program that include clean eating also and you are sure to notice a healthy fat loss in sometime.

Top Fat Burning Tips Using Treadmill

1. Start Easy
Give your body time to get adjusted to the workout. So start easy. Walk or jog on treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes. Both manual and motorized treadmill can be used if 30 minutes however, sound more, no problem. Take your time and start slow. After some days, when your body is ready for more, increase the time span.

2. It’s time to add incline
After your body has come out from the acclimation period, it’s time now to add incline to your workouts. The treadmills come with pre programmed workouts, all you need is to press the one with incline feature and get started. As manufacturers of leading treadmills, we at lifelinefitness offer treadmills with not only pre set program but also body fat tester. With special shock absorption system fitted and shock deck system and double base frame, all the treadmills come with wheels for easy manoeuvring.

3. Extend your workout session
Once a week, go for a workout, which is longer than the other normal days. You will notice that speed is lower, but eventually the total calorie burn is on the higher side.

4. Introduce intervals
Intervals are an ultimate way to challenge your body, after the acclimation period is over. If you are walking, add some jogging intervals. If you are already jogging, add some sprint intervals and so on. However, do this just once a week. Again the treadmills lifelinefitness offers, come with ore programmed workout sessions and include interval options as well. Or you can even create them on your own.

5. Maintain a healthy diet chart
A daily food log supplemented with your workout will help you get results fast. Write what you eat or drink during the entire day just to make a note of how good or bad your nutrition take is. Also keep in track of your energy levels, attitude, and moods.

Be patient when you are on a fat loss program. You did not get the fat overnight, Rome was not built in a day nor would you lose the fat just like that. Make fitness a part of your daily routine and you will gradually notice the change – all positive, in your attitude, your body and yes your confidence levels would be soaring high.

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